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[from gwEm]

heres some infos for you :

LSDJ sync, and Sync24 are similar in the way that some kind of clock must
occur at intervals of 1/24 of a 1/4 note.
Of course, this should be pretty easy to arrange with a PIC.

You want to know about LSDJ sync. The gamelink connector operates with 
a typical serial data + clock system.

The data is 8bits long (as far as I remember).
And the clock sync data is just 00000000.

Therefore you just need to attach the data wire to ground, and attach 
the clock wire to a signal which is 8x the frequency of your sync24 clock.

> so, Sync24 : 24ppqn
> LsdjSync : 24*8 : 192ppqn ?
> So the game boy signal is that fast ?
> How long should be the pulse ? As short as possible ?

I dont know if the sync method changed in later versions of LSDJ, but 
it was working well like that with my cartridge.

I sent my pulses as almost square waves, its the edge that counts.