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		       MIDIbox Operating System
       Copyright (C) 1998-2006  Thorsten Klose (tk@midibox.org)

	    Licensed for personal non-commercial use only.
		      All other rights reserved.
	       No commercial use without my permission!


The MIDIbox Operating System (MIOS) has been developed to the requirements of 
flexible MIDI controller applications. In difference to dedicated solutions, 
like today's commercial products or PIC16F based MIDIboxes, MIOS follows the 
concept of an open computing system as fundament for idea exchange and personal 
adaptions. The MIDIbox Gallery (http://www.ucapps.de/midibox_gallery.html) 
already points out different oppinions in terms of panel design, control 
elements and prefered workflow. Most of these MIDI controllers are based on 
MIDIbox64, MIDIbox16E or MIDIO128 and therefore limited to the provided 
features of the firmware. With MIOS, such controllers can be enhanced to 
multipurpose devices with exchangable program code, totally customized to 
the appr. host application, synthesizer or similar "MIDI devices". 

By releasing the application source codes, everybody will be free to use 
them as template for modifications and improvements. In this manner MIOS 
breaks down the skill barrier to getting started with PIC microcontrollers 
and allows - even people new to electronics - to realize projects far 
away from the main stream.

MIOS Application Library

The preassembled MIOS binary as well as the MIOS Application library 
is hosted seperately at http://www.uCApps.de

Content of this Release Package

   o src/
     contains the source code of MIOS

   o CHANGELOG.txt
     list of last changes

   o doc/mios_fun.html and doc/cmios_fun.html
     Documentation about the public functions

   o doc/mios_sysex_implementation.txt
     Documentation about the available SysEx commands

   o migration/*
     copy these files into the directory of your application if it has
     not been migrated to the new release yet

   o bootloader/*
     contains the code for MIOS bootloader

   o tools/*
     contains some perl utilities for programmers