IZWAL (3): Peace-loving humanoid creatures - fairly intelligent.Peaceful and generous beings. Look almost human. Very cultured. Masters of Science.

MIGRAX (2): (Usually) friendly creatures. As their name suggests, they are great travellers. Highly intelligent, they carry the news around the galaxy. Excellent negotiators. Their slyness is legendary.

CROOLIS : Separated into two distinct evolutionary branches: Vareux and Ulves. Each has always hated the other.
CROOLIS-ULVE (4): Look like bodybuilders with massive guns. Their whole lives are dedicated to destroying the Croolis-Vareux.
CROOLIS-VAREUX (4): Look similar to the Croolis-Ulves, except they are purple. Their whole lives are dedicated to destroying the Croolis-Ulves.
BUGGOL (3): Weird caterpillar-like creatures who take their politics seriously. Beings with a particular social behaviour, being obsessively democratic. All belong to YATANGA, which is the only political party in presence and whose one aim is to defend democracy as obsessively as possible. The President's term of office is not fixed. As soon as BUGGOL attains a majority, he is elected. Since all are eligible for high office, Presidents tend to change very frequently, sometimes every 5 minutes. At the time this story begins a BUGGOL remains on ROSKO. He can't be elected, owing to the shortage of electors. He would need two more votes to become President of planet ROSKO. An imposter (YUKAS), who doesn't even live on ROSKO has got himself elected in a fixed election. ROSKO is now in political upheaval.

YUKAS (1): Insectoid things. Very stupid. Enemies of the Buggol. Belligerent and underhand characters. No class at all. Little is known of their customs.

TUBULAR BRAIN (2): Very weird beings with, as their name may suggest, brains which look like tubes... (Two of them, although they are both identical in every respect (I suspect this is a bug)).The only race so far known to have tubular brains. Their intelligence is quite particular and difficult to grasp.

KINGPAK (1): Fairly stupid Pacman things who just sit around getting high on Tromp tails. Ridiculous creatures who smoke tromp tails (supposedly aphrodisiac), and eat pills. Not very smart. Rumour has it that they inspired the early Pac Man versions.

TROMP (4): One very small step away from being a dumb animal, this creature has a vocabulary of about five words, hich makes it totally pointless to talk to. Inoffensive creatures, if somewhat stubborn. Their hair is highly prized as snuff by the Sinox.

ONDOYANTE : Originally from planet Ondoya. Dream creatures which can change their appearance depending on how much they like you. For example, the ondoyante Trauma, who hates you, appears as a naked zombie woman whose flesh has gone green and is falling off. (I won't go into what the other ondoyante, Torka, looks like...). They appear beautiful to those whom they like, and ghastly to those they detest. This way, everyone knows where he stands.

SINOX (2): The most intelligent creatures in the galaxy. They look like jet engines. Hardworking and intelligent. The Sinox are the technology whizzkids of the galaxy.

ROBHEAD (4): Ancient robot killing machines who have lost their bodies. Over the millenia, their circuits have worn out, and now they just talk gibberish. Which, incidentally, is great fun to listen to. Long long ago, Hydra was invaded by bionic armies of android combat-robots with orders to take charge for a few thousand years. When the Hydrans got fed up with them, things went hideously sour for the robots. A few decapitated units managed to keep some systems functioning. They are the Robheads. They're just robot heads with a few memory zones still working. Completely harmless, they just lie there. They can't even reproduce, unless some passing geneticist...

ANTENNA (4): They're cute green blobs with eyes on stalks. When I say cute, I mean cute to the power of infinity - the cutest thing you will ever see in your lifetime. They're not very intelligent - just about the only words they ever say are 'Good', 'Friend' and 'Laugh', which adds to their cuteness...Simple creatures, the Antenna are really very friendly. Maybe too friendly.

TRICEPHAL (1): The most difficult creature to find. Tricephals have three heads, which has the side effect of making them say the last word in every sentence three times. Very interesting genetically. These guys have three android heads, each of which is equipped with an amazing tongue.

DUPLICATES or NUMBERS (5): Blood's clones. I particularly like Duplicate 2, who, when you finally catch him, just cries a lot, says he doesn't want to die, and calls you daddy. It really breaks my heart when I have to fry him, but unfortunately it's that or die yourself...